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Blooming Flowers Sensory Bin

Shop our Blooming Flowers Sensory Bin.


Introducing our Blooming Flowers Sensory Bin - a captivating and enchanting playset that brings the beauty of a blooming garden right into your child's hands!


Watch as your little one's imagination blossoms while they explore and engage with this sensory bin. Designed to provide a multisensory experience, this playset stimulates creativity, fine motor skills, and sensory development.


Inside the Blooming Flowers Sensory Bin, your child will discover a world of vibrant and colourful flowers. From roses to daisies, tulips to sunflowers, each flower is intricately designed to capture the essence of nature's beauty. Your child can arrange and rearrange the flowers, creating their own stunning floral displays.


To enhance the imaginative play experience, we have included gardening tools such as a mini shovel and a watering can. Your child can pretend to be a gardener, nurturing and caring for their blooming flowers. This role-play activity encourages responsibility, empathy, and an appreciation for nature.


Let your child's creativity bloom with our Blooming Flowers Sensory Bin. Watch as they immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, cultivating a love for gardening and fostering a deeper connection with the world around them. Get ready for a sensory adventure that will leave your child feeling inspired and in awe of the beauty of flowers!


Come Explore. Learn. Grow with us at Koupepe Kids.

Our sensory bins will spark creativity and engage natural child’s play through sensory play.


Whether used as a solo activity or as a group play, this sensory bin is perfect for children aged 3 and above. It is an ideal tool for homeschooling, classroom activities, or simply as a way to keep your child engaged and entertained during playtime.


Each Koupepe Kids sensory bin container is reusable and contains a filler and themed materials to facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to Explore. Learn. Grow.


Each Koupepe Kids Blooming Flowers Sensory Bin includes:

• Black Rice Filler

• Green Pasta Filler

• 8 x Flowers

• 3 x Mini Plastic Flower Pots

• 2 x Plastic Shovels (random colours)

• 1 x Mini Watering Can (random colours)

• 3 x Mini Bees

• 3 x Mini Ladybugs

• 1 x Butterfly



Sensory Bin Container with lid




*The exact contents may differ slightly from the photo*

Blooming Flowers Sensory Bin

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